Saturday, April 25, 2015

A New Beginning, But Not Before The End


After taking care of a few issues concerning this blog (not a big deal at all) I am back, however, my posts will be infrequent as things have changed. First off, people are now suffering the consequences of their past decisions, it is not a time to gloat. This blogger always knew that energy prices would revert to their long term trend and with that I had a pretty good idea what would follow.

I still cling to my claim that Calgary house prices are in for a 40-50% price crash, or as the MSM and the muddled real estate colluded cartel will call it, a correction.

It's not a correction. It's devastation.

New Calgary Condo Sales Crash 61%

Mullen Lay Off 1,000 Employees

Most of us are well aware that Suncor, Nexen, Enbridge, Imperial and many more have also laid off uncountable thousands of employees.

Future Shop and Target are gone, along with countless smaller retail chains, the end is nigh.

Inevitable. But all very predictable.