Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Little Something To let You Know I'm Still Here

Keep an eye on these puppies, I've had a short position on these for some time now, its worked out pretty good so far.

The NDP have also worked out very well so far (if you believe in climate change that is..hahaha!)

Shell oil are gone. Marathon oil are gone. Cononco oil are gone. Chevron oil are gone. Statoil are gone. Philips oil are gone. Syncrude are gone. Nexen as good as. While many others are quietly looking for buyers.

We are about to enter into a period of escalating power prices due to NDP policies, we know that cancelling the PPAs has cost Alberta $2.500,000,000.00 or about $3,000 per average family, we also know that our monthly power bills will increase.

We also have the highest unemployment rate in Canada. Are low Oil prices to blame, consider this. King Ralph managed to get Alberta debt free in 2004 on $40 BBL Oil.

We also have no, as in NADA new Oil pipelines.

Yeah Saskatchewan's NDP !!


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